Mayfield Road Drive-In
Midway Twin Drive-In
Mayfield Road & Midway Twin Drive-In Theatres
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Admission & Concession
Credit Card Policy

Covid Precautions - Please Read:

Our drive in theatre's have made a few changes during this troubling time. To be extra safe we will park the cars 6 feet plus apart; centered between the two poles (every other parking space).

The concession stand for the Mayfield will have a walk up window available for ordering (no entrance into the building) and a separate window for pick-up. The bathrooms will be open and sanitized throughout the evening.

The Midway Drive in will park cars in the center between the two poles allowing for 6 plus feet of clearance between cars. The concession stand will form one line distancing 6 feet apart. We will have 3 cashiers taking orders with a separate pick window. For an added $10.00 you can bring in outside food and beverages at both drive ins.

This will cut our admissions to half of the size of our field. We expect to sell out the theatre nightly, we encourage you to purchase tickets on line to assure a parking spot. Reserve-A-Spot is available.

We have allot of events coming up. Please be sure you check the movie schedule the night you are coming out.

We feel the need to be responsible in keeping everyone safe at our Drive ins. Anyone not following safe policies may be asked to leave.