Mayfield Road Drive-In
Midway Twin Drive-In
Mayfield Road & Midway Twin Drive-In Theatres
Our Rules & Drive-In Etiquette

Admission & Concession
Credit Card Policy

CREDIT & DEBIT CARDS : (Important) We cannot accept cards at this time that requires a pin number to process. Normally this applies to debit cards. This may change in the future, but for now we cant process them.

CONTACTLESS PAYMENT CARDS : Now Accepted. Excludes cards that require a pin.

The below information is to assist our patrons in having an enjoyable and memorable visit. Remember to tell your friends, family and neighbors about the drive-in!

General :

Buy Your Snacks From The Refreshment Stand – Theaters make little money on the admission cost because a large percentage has to be returned to the film distributors. The drive-in’s main source of income is its concession sales. Keep your drive-in in business; visit the snack bar often!

MAKE FRIENDS ! If you get the opportunity shake the hands of your neighbor and make a friend.


  • If you have day-time running lights in use on your car or truck, please do not start your vehicle during a feature. We understand you might need to get warm or turn on your defrosters. In “most” cases all you have to do is – turn off your vehicle, then set your parking brake, and then start your vehicle as normal. This should defeat your headlights from coming on while parked.
  • Always dim your lights before entering the lot.
  • Please keep your foot off the brake pedal when parked. Those brake lights can be bright.
  • Do what you can to control your interior lighting during the features. A small flash light can come in real handy for those quick interior expeditions.


  • Radios should be tuned to the drive-in radio station prior to the start of the first feature until the end of the last feature. This way everyone hears the announcements and enjoys the movies without distractions. We have “Drive-In Radio” broadcasts prior to the start of the first feature. Great Fun Listening!

Parking & Such:

  • Park as close to a pole as possible so as to allow room for your neighbor.
  • If you are visiting us in a van – truck – suv, then please park in designated aisles.
  • IMPORTANT – All Van-SUV hatch-back type rear doors need to be tied down even with your roof. We will be happy to provide you with some twine to tie down that back hatch for rear viewing.
  • Chairs and blankets should be placed directly in front of your vehicle and not blocking the area between your vehicle and your neighbors.
  • One admission entitles a patron to one space. Patrons CANNOT reserve or hold spaces for others who have not yet arrived.


  • Drive Slowly and Carefully keeping a extra watchful eye out for children.
  • Remind the kids not to run between cars or in the aisles. Tell them if they get lost to go to the concession stand and ask only a clerk for assistance. We will then page the parent / guardian. We’re happy to help.
  • Please don’t litter. Someone could trip or slip on what was dropped. You will find plenty of trash receptacles around the concession stand.
  • Sorry, grills of any type are not permitted on the property.
  • Do not bring fireworks, sparklers, etc to a drive-in. Aside from being illegal in some places these things can ignite leaking gas or ruin someone’s new paint job.
  • No alcoholic beverages or drugs. Neither contribute to a family atmosphere.