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Frequently Asked Questions;
  • Does your Drive-in use speakers?
    No, our theatre’s broadcast stereo sound over FM radio. So if you dont have a working FM radio in your car then remember to bring a portable, or you can rent one from our concession stand.

  • Can we bring in food from the outside?
    Patrons must purchase a food permit (one per vehicle) upon entering the property to bring in food. No grilling or cooking on the premises. The permit covers all people in your vehicle only. Additional information here.

  • Will the movies still play if its raining?
    Features go on rain or shine. There have been a few times in the past during severe weather (lightning, high winds) that we have had to cancel.

  • Can we bring our dog?
    At this time we do not prohibit dogs. If they make a mess or disturb others by barking or becoming aggressive then you will be asked to leave without a refund. At no time are they allowed in or around the concession area.